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Investment Strategies

F/m Acceleration has achieved a record of success in driving growth, independence, and creative business solutions for investment managers seeking to meet diverse challenges. F/m Acceleration serves as a catalyst, strategic partner, and resource provider for independent investment managers and boutiques across the US and overseas pursuing growth, seeking transitions, or striving to capitalize on unique opportunities.


Equities: Growth, Core, Value, ESG, and Alternative.

Concentrated, “high conviction” US equity portfolios, seeking to combine the strengths of quantitative and fundamental investing.
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Concentrated US value equity portfolios seeking companies with high sustained returns on invested capital over time.
ESG global dividend and global REIT strategies from a pioneer in sustainable investing, a division of the oldest bank in the Netherlands and research partner to F/m Investments.

Fixed Income: Customized and Institutional

Custom municipal and taxable fixed income portfolios that may be personalized to the needs of advisors and investors.
Institutional fixed income strategies spanning the credit spectrum, seeking enhanced yields and total returns with reduced risk.

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