Business Brief

F/m provides exclusive access to the equity research and model stock portfolios of Barskdale Investment & Research (BI&R). Founded by long-time value investor Jim Barksdale, BI&R pursues a research process focused on determining the value of ownership in a business. Companies are evaluated based on their ability to 1) earn a high return on invested capital, 2) reinvest those earnings productively for growth, and 3) do so for an extended period. “Valuing Growth and Growing Value” encapsulates Barksdale’s distinctive approach. F/m offers both the BI&R All-Cap and Large Cap model portfolios.

For BI&R strategies, F/m Investments serves as registered investment adviser, providing a full complement of portfolio management, trading, operations, and investor relations services. Within this innovative F/m structure, BI&R provides model portfolios and remains focused on investment research.



1986, Jim Barksdale begins his investment career

2016, launch of Barksdale Investment & Research

2021, research partnership with F/m Investments

Atlanta, Georgia

Investment Focus
US Equities, Large Cap and All Cap

Investment Strategy
Enhanced approach to value investing: “Valuing Growth and Growing Value”