Business Brief

Logix is an asset management firm focused on differentiated equity strategies, all demonstrating meaningful alpha generation since inception. Logix takes an objective, and consistent, process-intensive approach to portfolio construction that prioritizes risk management in optimizing upside and downside capture. Logix has a deep team with significant prior sell-side and buy-side (long-only and long-short) experience. F/m offers the Logix Income Equity and Logix Growth Equity strategies (5-year track record) and provides distribution and related support for the Logix Smart Value strategy (20-year track record).


  • F/m Logix Income Equity

  • F/m Logix Growth Equity

  • Logix Smart Value


F/m Logix Income Equity is a unique, broadly diversified mid-to-large capitalization portfolio of equity securities that is primarily focused on providing income to investors. The goal of F/M Logix Income Equity is to generate current income and above market long-term capital appreciation while providing downside protection. The strategy is focused on identifying companies with faster growing dividends and free cash flow versus their respective industry peers. Since its inception in 2016, F/M Logix Income Equity has outperformed the Russell 1000 Value Index while maintaining a lower portfolio beta, lower standard deviation and lower downside capture translating into higher risk-adjusted returns.


F/m Logix Growth Equity is a broadly diversified large-capitalization portfolio of equity securities. The strategy’s main goal is to generate consistent above average returns from long-term capital appreciation, while preserving capital and mitigating risk through diversification. The investment objective is to identify a portfolio of companies with above average long-term earnings per share growth rates in excess of respective industry peers. Since its inception in 2016, F/M Logix Growth Equity has outperformed the S&P 500 index with higher upside capture and lower downside capture translating into higher overall risk-adjusted returns versus the S&P 500 index.


Logix Smart Value is a unique value-based equities strategy that uses absolute and relative dividend yield history, with an in-depth fundamental screening overlay, to evaluate first industry and then individual equity attractiveness.  The primary goals of the strategy are capital appreciation and downside protection with an attractive byproduct of high levels of dividend cash flow.  Since inception, Logix Smart Value has meaningfully outperformed the Russell 1000 Value and S&P 500 with low volatility.



2002, Logix Smart Value, a process intensive, objective value strategy is launched

2016, Logix Income Equity and Growth Equity strategies launched

2021, Partnership with F/m Investments


Cleveland, OH

Investment Focus

US Equities, Large and Mid Cap