F/m Investments Large Cap Focused Fund

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F/m Investments Large Cap Focused Fund

About the fund

The F/m Investments Integrated Alpha Fund invests in large capitalization US companies whose per share intrinsic value has diverged significantly from the current market price of its stock. The Fund generally seeks to purchase the common stock of companies that are constituents of the S&P 500® Index.

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks long-term growth of capital.


Management seeks to purchase large capitalization equity securities of US companies in the S&P 500® Index that we believe are undervalued and likely to appreciate.


The investment strategy of the F/m Investments Integrated Alpha Fund is based on a proprietary growth and acceleration model called QuantActiveTM.

Fund Facts

Fund Performance

COGVX (Institutional Class)
COGLX (Investor Class)

Inception–   10/3/2016

Objective–   Absolute Returns

Benchmark–   S&P 500 Total Return Index

Morningstar Category–  Large Value

Minimum Investment–  
$100,000 (Institutional Class)
$1,000 (Investor Class)

Fund Assets–  $36.473 million

Number of Holdings–  xx

Gross Expense Ratio: 2.71% (Institutional Class) 2.96% (Investor Class) Net Expense Ratio: 1.82% (Institutional Class) 2.07% (Investor Class)

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